Project Hope Worldwide is set to begin a new partnership with Feed My Starving Children and World Hunger this fall. These long standing organizations, whose mission is to help solve world hunger, largely depend on non-profit organizations who are currently carrying out work amongst the poor to distribute their food.  Project Hope Worldwide is excited to partner with them in Nicaragua this fall where 145,500 meals will be distributed amongst the impoverished communities on the outskirts of Leon.

Each meal consists of a rice, soy vegetable blend that has 13g protein and 21 important vitamins and minerals. The documented health benefits that the children immediately begin to experience are life changing. Following a successful launch of this program, PHW is planning on distributing food to the poor in each of the communities it currently has projects including Uganda, Bangladesh and Mexico. This expanded impact could mean over 2 million meals served next year within targeted communities on an ongoing basis to ensure proper health and development of children.