Here are some Facebook updates from the Claremore Team this past week:

Now a place dear to my heart.Kati watson
“Across the water,
across the land
there is a place,
where hope began.
A place for some to call a home
And others a refuge, they can go
Go and visit,
you won’t be the same.
Because of all of the faces
And all of the names
A love that none, can truly describe. Is all you feel, when you make your way Inside.”
~Katie Watson~

Today we went hut to hut in the village and met some amazing people with some incredible stories.

Claremore guys hut to hut

Photo: Had a great time today going hut to hut with Anissa McGuire.

Wonderful day going out into the community’s and meeting Ugandans. Many of them very confident in there faith.

We went way back in the bush today. Met some amazing people.
Walking in the bush















Brett hanging out with some of the kids at Calo Me Lare! These kids love him and you should see him as king Nebuchadnezzar!

red h4ead

Today was our last day of VBS with these sweeties.. Tomorrow we will say our goodbyes and all I can say is, my life will never be the same. If you have made a trip like this before, you know exactly what I’m talking about..vbs

Let me introduce you to our families sponsored child….Oliva! She is six and such a good girl. She can dance, is athletic, and very quiet. I love her so much!! It has been the greatest thing ever to meet her in person.oliva


Spent a very emotional day in Barlonyo, Uganda. The place of a 2004 massacre by the LRA (Kony) where over 200 men, women and children were killed leaving over 400 orphans. Nine of the orphans at Calo Me Lare came from here. Met and talked to a man named Moses that witnessed the massacre and has taken care of as many as 40 of these orphans at one time all while having 7 children of his own. Quite an amazing man.


Praise and worship was awesome last night led by Daniel Moniz and Brian Clinton in the entrance of our hotel.