Silas’ main responsibility growing up before Calo Me Lare was caring for cattle, yet his parents rarely fed him.

He came home early one day because he was hungry and his father beat him nearly to death.

Then his parents left him for dead and fled, fearing the community’s retribution.

Silas began living with us in Lira, at Calo Me Lare, in August, 2012 around the age of 9.

When he first came into our care, he was very reactive and violent, which was logical due to his experiences.

Our child development specialists and social workers worked extensively with Silas.

Being in a constant, stable, and loving environment over time has had a huge impact on Silas. He is now a very calm soul and loving toward everyone!

He is the oldest child in his house and helps his mother in caring for his younger brothers and keeping the house.

Now he is  dependable, happy and active young man.

When it was time to return to Calo Me Lare from holiday break last year 2014, Silas even paid for his own transport home by digging in the garden and selling produce to raise transport money!

Now, Silas has not only survived his difficult upbringing. He has taught English to many people in his village! They are very proud of him and he has become the HOPE of the family!