Evelin is 1 of 7 orphaned siblings whom Nancy, a single mother in Juarez featured on our blog awhile back, had been caring for alone since her husband committed suicide. Evelin was recently given an award of recognition for great performance at school!

Gerardo and Leo

These twin brothers lost their mother at the age of 6. Now they live with their grandmother, and she sews in order to try and provide for them all by herself. But when food and housing are the main priority, the sad truth is education must be sacrificed. Thanks to your sponsorships, they have both recently celebrated graduation into high school!

This is the impact you have on the orphans of our world. Your partnership has allowed us to provide assistance to keep these orphans in school and actually make educational strides. Imagine difference in their future experiences that your sponsorship creates.

Now Evelin, Gerardo and Leo have the opportunity to not only finish their own education, but to be mentored and trained into future leaders of their families and communities in Juarez!