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About Rodolfo

Born: January 1, 2005

Rodolfo is a boy who lives in one of the poorest areas of Juárez, Mexico with his mother, two brothers and little sister. Rodolfo’s father passed away tragically which has been tough on the family. Rodolfo’s mother works at a local school but it isn’t enough to support the family. Rodolfo enjoys playing the violin and singing.

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Rodolfo (J19)


Juárez, Mexico

Once regarded as the most dangerous city in the world Juarez, Mexico sits just across the Rio Grande River. It is hard not to notice the stark contrast of wealth in the US and poverty in this wind-swept valley… or opportunity and despair. The Colonias inhabitants are comprised of the elderly, families, and widows with their children who came here to escape the crime of the city with hopes to find work at a local factory for mere dollars a day. Hope for a better life seems at their fingertips but never quite in reach due to the lack of opportunity and cost of living.