IMG_0775What an incredible experience to travel to Uganda and to visit the children at the orphanage. I discovered children being cared for by loving house moms who love the children like their own. They cooked incredible food for them, helped them wash their clothes and bedding, and they taught them how to cook and take care of their homes. They helped them with their studies and played with them. The house moms were kinds and compassionate yet still expected the children to be respectful.

One of the highlights for me was getting to spend time with each house teaching the children how to encourage one another through their words. IMG_0750I asked every child why she or he loved her sister or brother and heard beautiful things like; “she is kind to me; She prays for me; He obeys mom; She helps everyone; He plays with me; She forgives others; He helps me wash; She shares; She helps mom cook; He helps me dress my bed. They truly care for one another and it is so refreshing to see children behave this way. – Connie Kittson

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