Esmerelda Pineda, our Juárez In-Country Director, had the opportunity to come to RIPPLE 2018, and she was overjoyed seeing your generosity and love on display. At the end of the evening, RIPPLE attendees donated $21,120 towards educating our Project Hope Worldwide Juárez staff through English classes and additional staff development needs. She recently wrote to us about her experience:

God bless you.

It was an honor and a great blessing to be at the event. Thanks for the invitation. It was a great experience from the moment I walked into the airport. It was my first time traveling by plane. I was a little nervous, but thank God everything went well.

Being at the event was so impressive, and it was surprising to see all the love everyone showed towards Project Hope Worldwide, to see so many people willing to help orphan children. Wow! But it was more surprising to see how in one night all that money was raised for the children. God is so great in that He uses other people to help the most needy.

To all the people who helped in the event, I want to tell them, God bless you greatly. They are a great blessing. They cannot imagine all the smiles that they cause with all their help.

I also want to say thanks to all the people who supported us so that the team of Project Hope Worldwide Juárez can learn English. I have no words to thank them for all the love for us. I returned to Juárez full of joy. I had no idea that we are so valued by so many people. I always strive to do well at what I love, which is to help children, to care for them and to make sure that they are lacking nothing. But now I will try harder.

I ask you to pray for Project Hope Worldwide Juárez, for each of the children and mothers. They need lots of love. My prayer is that they will never feel alone, that they keep in mind that God loves them so much. It is so difficult for them due to experiences they have had. That’s why I request a lot of prayer for them.

I also ask you to pray for each of the people who help me in this ministry. We have a great responsibility to educate the children and give them the love they need.

Likewise, pray for me. Pray that God gives me wisdom and grace to carry this ministry forward. I know that alone I cannot do it. But if God is with me, everything is possible.

I am so thankful for the great experience. Everything was perfect. My regards to each of the people who helped make everything turn out perfectly. God bless you all and fill your lives with peace and joy.

“Always be joyful, pray incessantly, give thanks to God in every situation because this is His will for us in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18