Mafuza-2There is a cloud of sadness that seems to hover over Mafuza. A few years after she was born,
her father abandoned her family to take a second wife. Her mother is disabled. and limps to work each day to earn money as a house maid. The income is not enough to live on, so Mafuza’s step-brother dropped out of school to work and help support them. The three of them live in one room. 
Mafuza is 8 years old and can’t read or write. She’s had very little schooling. She has also had
some medical problems, but her mother can’t afford to take her to a good doctor. But life is
beginning to take a turn for the better for Mafuza. She was invited to our center to come and
learn, grow, sing, and understand that God wants to be her father who never leaves her. Now
she comes in with the cloud of sadness, but it begins to lift a little more quickly each day!


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