Shojib copy 3

Four years ago, Shojib’s father died of a stroke. This plunged Shojib and his family into deep poverty. Shojib (7) is the youngest of seven children. His two older brother’s work to help the family to survive while his mother babysits. Together they scrape together a paltry income that only enables the eight of them to live in a two-room slum house, each room about 6 x 11 feet. With a bare income, Shojib’s mother can’t afford to send Shojib to school nor provide for his basic needs. But his life has been touched by God’s grace! We found Shojib one day in the slum and were led to his mother. We learned of their sad circumstances and invited Shojib to enroll in our program for orphans. Shojib and his mother were so happy. Daily, Shojib comes to our center with such a cheerful attitude enjoying being able to learn to read and write; to eat good food he would otherwise never get; and to feel the love of God through all those ministering to him!