Shubroto and Shujon are brothers. When they were really young, their father left them and stopped providing for them and their mother. Their mother worked in a garment factory to provide for her children. However, she was recently fired without reason after ten years of working for the factory. Their mother is blind in one eye and now she can’t find new work because no one wants to hire someone half blind. As a result, her mother sometimes goes out and begs for money. Her daughter also helps them to survive doing a little job that makes about $25 a month. The future for Shubroto and Shujon was bleak. However, now they have been blessed with the opportunity to enroll in our program. Here, they get to feel hope and to have opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, such as the opportunities to learn to read, write, do math and speak English. They have new friends and new hope. They are learning that God loves them and is the One who will never abandon them.