Ayesha is a Muslim girl who was only a baby when her father left. Her mother remarried, but her new stepfather refused to take her, and her father abandoned her.

Ayesha went to live with her grandparents. Her grandparents lovingly raised her, but at the age of seven, her grandmother died, and her grandfather remarried. Her new grandmother doesn’t treat Ayesha well. Her grandfather is very poor, so he can’t give Ayesha much. Sometimes she doesn’t even have much to eat.

She went to school for two years, but then she was forced to drop out due to poverty.

Now, at 10 years old, she’s attending school at the center five days a week and receiving help with food, clothing, and medical needs. She’s also learning about God and His love for the first time.  She enjoys learning and likes to help the staff with various jobs.