Halima was only 3 years old when her father was killed in a tragic car accident. Her mother had no source of income to support the two of them, so she moved to Dhaka to work.

Halima and her mother live in one room, and share a bathroom and a cooking area with many other families. Halima’s mother works seven days a week. She makes just enough to cover their rent and food, but there is none left to pay for Halima’s school fees. Halima spends her days at home by herself.

When Halima’s mother learned about the center where Halima could attend school and receive help with food, medical treatment, and clothes, she immediately signed her up.

Now seven-year-old Halima has a place to go while her mother works, and she’s now learning math, English, Bangla, and other subjects. Halima enjoys learning, especially art, and her teacher says she has some talent. Halima can now look forward to a brighter future.