This smile is precious, but behind it lies pain and heartache that no child should have to go through. Meet Raju. Raju’s mother died and his father abandoned him after remarrying, leaving Raju a total orphan.  Raju’s grandmother is now his guardian.

They live in a one room shack in the slums of Dhaka, where sewer water often runs in a constant stream down their dirt road. Raju spent his days wandering, doing nothing, and to an onlooker, appeared dysfunctional. Can you imagine appearing as anything else? Desperate and abandoned, he felt the depths of hopelessness that most people fear they never feel.  When his grandmother heard about the center, she brought him and began sharing about her story.  “Raju is in darkness, but now he will be in the light,” she shared.

Raju enrolled in our program, and immediately there was transformation. His disposition changed dramatically. He smiles, laughs, and is motivated to learn. Every day he is blessed with good food, an uplifting environment, quality teaching, and lots of love.