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No child should have to choose between finding something to eat for the day or going to school. Yet this is the reality of so many children in the village surrounding our project in Lira. In response to this great need, PHW has opened up a sponsorship program for the orphans in the community who are not currently living with us at our Children’s Home, which is at maximum capacity.  With your sponsorship of $38 per month, you will be able to give holistic care for a child in desperate need.  They will be enrolled in our school, given one meal a day, access to medical care, have a trained social worker begin developmental and counseling services with them and their guardians, and enter into a spiritual mentorship program.  This is a tremendous way to develop a life long relationship with a child and change their life.  Would you take the step today to leverage your life for another?

Visit our donation page and choose the $38/month option under the child sponsorship option.

Meet some of the orphans below:

Morris and Inno – 8 and 9 years old. Their father passed away last year at the hands of a witch doctor and left behind 28 children. He is actually the man who sold us our initial 15 acres.


CeeCee – 13 years old. Both of her parents died of AIDS and she travels from relative to relative trying to survive. Currently, she lives with her Aunt and has no hope for an education.


Adul Jared. His father died of AIDS and his mother left the village shortly after. Jared lives with his blind grandmother and fends for himself. IMG_6734

Ruth, Oliver, and Dennis. Their father passed away from AIDs and mother was killed by an act of violence in the market. They live with their grandmother on some land that another family has let them borrow. Their cousin, Mercy, is also an orphan. Her mother died of HIV and her father was killed in the insurgency.


Jared- 8 years old. He is one of 13 children left behind by deceased parents. All the girls were married off except for the oldest. She became pregnant by a village man, who left once she was pregnant. Now, she takes care of all of her siblings. Jared is the oldest boy.