Project Hope Worldwide COVID-19 UPDATE

Last Updated: March 30, 2020

In the midst of much uncertainty and concern associated with COVID-19, Project Hope Worldwide remains strong in its mission to restore hope to the world’s most vulnerable children in Jesus’ name. We want to keep all donors, child sponsors and supporters up to date on our Hope Projects as information becomes available and is verified by our staff on the ground.

Although we have no confirmed cases of the virus at any of our Hope Projects, it is also important to note that testing is not currently available in those areas. We are monitoring the children and staff closely.

Food and medical supply costs are increasing and becoming in short supply. We are preparing accordingly and taking steps to ensure that we are able to meet the holistic care needs of our children.


The Ugandan government took swift action March 20th to close their borders and has ordered the closing of all schools and churches until April 20th to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All of the children have returned to their villages during this time. The leadership and staff of Calo Me Lare are working with local officials to follow the government’s mandate while ensuring that the children continue to receive the care they need. Social workers and staff are routinely visiting the homes of each child to ensure that our mission of holistic care is being fulfilled until they are able to return to the project.


The Mexican Government ordered that all public schools be closed nationwide until April 20th to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The children are remaining sheltered in place with a guardian and not currently coming to the project. Teachers and staff are routinely visiting the homes of each child to ensure that our mission of holistic care is being fulfilled. Project Hope Worldwide is working with ministry partners and local leaders to assess our children’s changing needs and those in the community of the Colonias.


Nicaragua’s government has not ordered any school closings at this time. The project is operating on its normal daily schedule and according to the hygiene guidelines of the CDC. We have several children who are not feeling well. We are monitoring them closely and isolating them from the other children as needed.


Many have asked us, “What can I do to help during this time?” At PHW, we focus heavily on character development with our orphaned and vulnerable children because we believe that character determines success. And character is always tested in a crisis.

One of the character qualities that we teach them is DEPENDABILITY – Fulfilling what I agreed to do even if it means unexpected sacrifice. We realize that the virus is having significant financial implications on our country and may even be affecting your family. As child sponsors we have asked each of you to treat these children as you would treat your own children. The best thing you can do to help us is to remain faithful with your child sponsorship…even if it means unexpected sacrifice… or become a child sponsor today.


And as always, we invite you to join us as we pray over our country as well as the children, staff and leadership of each Hope Project.

Hope in God,

Lyndon Becker

President & CEO