Meet Perla.

Perla is the widowed mother of one young adorable four year old boy named Said.

This is their story. But it is nowhere near finished.

Perla’s husband was a barber, and a good one at that. He was known for his skilled and artistic designs he could make in shorter hairstyles, and known even more as a kind and fun man to be around.

In the height of cartel violence, some gang members came looking to kill another man who was in his shop. Perla’s husband was unfortunately there at the time and saw the crime happen. Not wanting to leave any witnesses, he was sadly gunned down as well.

Perla was left alone without her husband, who was their provider, protector, husband and father that many families in Juárez do not have to begin with.

She has been caring for Said by herself for six months now, working long hours in a factory, leaving Said at home or in the care of whomever she could find.  But fortunately her story was heard by the right people! Her and Said have been placed on our waiting list for sponsorship!

We had the opportunity to meet Perla and Said earlier this month, and it was a wonderful experience speaking with her firsthand.

She told us of her struggles as a single mother and the pain of having Said ask where his dad is, not old enough to understand what has truly happened. It’s heartbreaking for her every time, and she doesn’t know how to explain it yet.

Perla and Said’s story does not end here.

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” – Bernard Williams

We let her know that there is true hope ahead for her and her son! They are not destined to surviving alone. They will have a community of women and children with similar stories who will be there for them whenever they need it.

Perla will have a counselor to help work through the trauma still lingering after the sudden death of her husband. She will have someone alongside her as she helps Said understand the truth of what happened and how he can move forward with his education and eventual career to make his father proud.

But we need your help to help them. Perla and Said need someone who will invest in their future. You can be the one to give them the hope they need and they deserve.

Support Said today!

“A person may be rightfully happy if in this life he could do a great favor for widows & orphans.”