“Every week, I receive the food supply at the library. I get the basics; milk, eggs, bread, flour, cereal. As I step up and receive my bag, I let out a big sigh of relief. I look down at my kids who are beaming. We have food. We have hope”

Last week, I visited our project in Juarez to check up on our families and see how they were doing. We drove to each house, greeted the moms and caretakers and begin talking to them. “How has this program affected your family?” I would ask. Although I met with several families, one common theme was spoken – the food. “You don’t know what a relief it is to be able to look at your children with empty stomachs and meet their needs. For years, every night I would lay down, anxiety-driven, as I know what the morning would bring… hungry bellies with nothing to fill them.” It was a shock to my system. I started imagining all of the emotions I would feel if I couldn’t feed my own, as they looked to me for help. Can you imagine the fear?

I’m so thankful God has opened the doors for us to work in Juarez… to help widows who’ve been struck to the core by the drug war, and give them a sense of hope for their families.

Here are some pictures of the moms and caretakers:

This is Norma and her four kids – Rodolpha, Angel, Alan (not pictured), and Roxanne.IMG_6534

This is Nancy who has five children she works hard to care for. Her husband committed suicide a little over a year ago. They are Sonya, Evelyn, Adrian, Arnoldo, and Nora.IMG_6472IMG_6505

 Little NoraIMG_6496

Little EvelynIMG_6473

 Adrian and Arnoldo with their neighborIMG_6479IMG_6468

This is Terry. She has 4 children – Stephanie, Carlos, Maria, and LustaboIMG_6433IMG_6438 IMG_6446

Here is grandma Berta who takes care of 3 of her grandchildren, plus these cute ones pictured with her.IMG_6409

This is a new family that is in our program! This is Brayan with son Aaron (5 yrs). Her husband was killed in the drug war and she is working in a factory near by to help provide for her family.IMG_6397