RIPPLE 2017 was a huge success, and we are excited to share the impact that you made in the lives of orphans worldwide through just one night of celebration and fundraising.

Because of your generosity on May 6th, we are also happy to announce:

Major Project Funded!

Enough funds were raised to provide the necessary capital to purchase land in Nicaragua and Juárez, and begin our computer lab project in Uganda!


With the funds raised at RIPPLE, we will soon be purchasing land near our Hope Project in Léon, Nicaragua. This land will be essential in meeting our long-term growth needs along with sports fields (plus equipment) and gardening for the daily nutritional needs of those in our Nicaragua project.


Thanks to your support at RIPPLE, PHW is also soon providing laptops, servers and a charging station for a secondary school computer lab at our Hope Project in Lira, Uganda. For the children to have any real job opportunities in the future, we must begin immediately training them in basic typing skills, business communication and general topical research.


Because of you, we are in the process of purchasing land adjacent to our main ministry partner in the Colonias outside Juárez. This land will enable PHW to fulfill our long-term growth needs to build our own activity center, classrooms, administration building, guest rooms, pavilion, water cistern, speed soccer court, and basketball court, and will provide a safe and secure environment for the kids in our Juárez Hope Project.

All of this would not be possible without you and your generous hearts. For that, we want to say:

Thank You!