Sandra was born in 2004, barely missing the tragic Barlonyo LRA attack that orphaned many of our children in Uganda. But both of Sandra’s parents still ended up dying of HIV/AIDS. After their passing, she lived with relatives who were not able and, even worse, not willing to take care of her and her other siblings. Their properties were taken away by other relatives after the attacks and she soon began living on a cup of milk a day.

When Sandra first came to live with us at Calo Me Lare she was understandably very angry, violent and reactive. She easily lost her temper, fought often, and rarely smiled. What would you expect from a child whose parents had died early, rarely ate, and had no one to love and care for her? Over time Sandra slowly gained assurance that while living at Project Hope, she would always be fed, accepted and loved. Her behavior began to change.

Sandra is now very active and smiles often with true joy in her heart. She is a very responsible young lady. She wakes up early in the morning and sweeps the compound and voluntarily fetches water for others. She helps her house mother and siblings and loves to sing and dance!

Thank you for your continued support and love for these children!