June is turning into an exciting month for Project Hope Worldwide (PHW).

On June 5, Connie Becker led a team of five to Uganda for a month-long trip. The team is made up of Sandra Pennington, Jesaca Gibson, Debra Binns, and Sade Horsechief.

Their primary focus has been to work with PHW’s Hope School and assist teachers in working with students who are experiencing learning challenges, some of which are associated with the various types of trauma they experienced prior to coming into the orphanage.

Yesterday, Lyndon Becker, Project Hope Worldwide President and CEO, led a team of six to join Connie’s team in Uganda for two weeks.

God’s Unique Gifts Poured Out

Our teams are multifaceted and are using their gifts and talents to uniquely love on God’s people.

Jeanette Hudgeons will be teaching art classes and using art as a form of therapy for some children who have faced traumatic experiences and circumstances before coming to PHW.

Judy Graber will be assisting Jeanette and will also be teaching sewing and tailoring classes to some of our house moms.  

Pam Bolger and Lisa Toews are both public school educators and will be training teachers and joining the other team in working with students with learning challenges.

Robyn Goodnight is a certified beekeeper and will be developing bee keeping capabilities at our Calo Me Lare orphanage in order to produce honey for the children. The beekeeping will also be evaluated as a potential vocational training opportunity for those children who may wish to learn how they can turn it into a future source of income.  

Both teams will be involved in teaching character and biblical moral principles to the staff and students. It’s amazing to see God use the unique gifts He’s given each of us to help accomplish His plans!

Casting Vision For A Successful Future

Lyndon’s primary focus is an overall assessment of Calo Me Lare’s fulfillment of PHW’s vision of providing holistic care and restoring hope to the kids.

He will be working to help develop PHW’s transition plan for our first young adults as they move out of the orphanage and begin life on their own in the next couple of years. 

Part of the vision for the transitions plan is that the Calo Me Lare staff, U.S. missionaries, donors, child sponsors, and mission teams will always be their family and that Calo Me Lare will always be their home for holidays, family reunions, counsel, and encouragement throughout their lifetimes.

There is a lot of love being poured out on this trip, which requires lots of prayer! Please join us in praying for our teams, their families, our Uganda Hope Project staff, and all the children. Many blessings to everyone in the PHW community!