Political and civil unrest continues to take a heavy toll on León, Nicaragua – home to one of our Hope Projects. Rest assured, in the midst of chaos, our committed staff has been keeping our children healthy and safe.

While in Uganda, I asked our Hope School children and staff to pray for their brothers and sisters in Nicaragua. I felt the burden again on our final day in Juárez, Mexico to pray for the children and staff in León.

That afternoon, I took some time to finish preparations for our final day’s activities with the kids. During that time, my wife shared a scripture about the power of children crying out to God:

“You shall not afflict any widow or orphan. If you afflict him at all, and if he does cry out to Me, I will surely hear his cry; and My anger will be kindled…” Exodus 22:22-24

She told me that we need to ask the children at our projects to begin crying out to God in prayer for one another. I could sense the Spirit was confirming that truth and what happened next was something only He could do.

In the final moments of our visit, we watched the 2018 RIPPLE videos with the kids, PHW Juárez staff, and mission team. The kids always enjoy seeing themselves in action. After the final video, I asked everyone to join me in prayer to close out our time in Juárez.

I briefly shared that our PHW children and staff in Nicaragua needed prayers for their protection and peace, and asked if anyone would be willing to pray for them. My eyes scanned the room full of adults looking for the person willing to step forward and pray.

One of the adults was desperate to get my attention as she pointed to a little girl sitting in front of her. I was so focused on the adults that I looked right over her. This little girl, Nora (meaning “light”), had her hand raised high, eager to pray for the children.

I invited her up and what came next shocked us all. As she stood next to me, she began “crying out to God” in her Spanish language on behalf of the children and staff of Nicaragua. As she prayed each phrase, the children sitting on the floor would repeat her words in perfect Spanish unison while the translator interpreted her prayer in English for our understanding.

There was not a dry eye in the place as she uttered the most fervent, heartfelt prayer imaginable. We were all overcome by her boldness, compassion, and faith in the moment.

I don’t remember everything she prayed, but I do remember her saying, “Heavenly Father, protect the children of Project Hope Nicaragua in the same way that You protect us.”

When she finished, every adult was convicted to follow her example of childlike faith. This moment was a “kairos moment”- an opportune, appointed, epic moment, that Nora was not going to miss.

That moment is forever etched in my memory and the memory of every adult there.

We are asking every Project Hope Worldwide child to “cry out to God” for one another as we stand firm on His promise of Exodus 22:22-24.


Story and reflection by Lyndon Becker
Juárez, Mexico