Experience Uganda- Susan Butinick 3 6
Ten days in Uganda changed my heart and mind forever. First of all, the needs of the people were beyond my comprehension. The look of desperation in the faces of the children selling their goods along the street left me empty – so many with so little. Those thoughts vaporized when we got to the orphanage and the children ran to greet/grab us as we entered the compound. The genuine compassion of the children was a smooth wave of happiness. Their little hearts yearn for love – they just want someone to care about them.

Ivan, the 6-year old boy I sponsor, stirred me like nothing I’ve ever felt. Because I’m childless, the feelings only a child can give were foreign to me. The first time he put his little hand in mine I was breathless. Ivan took me on a short journey to deep love and fulfillment. While we spent time in his house, his schoolroom and playing our hearts merged. While we were outside playing with water balloons though I couldn’t help but notice the children on the other side of the fence watching us with sad faces – maybe wishing they had protection and someone to love them.

My body is in Oklahoma – my heart is in Africa.