It’s Time for Us to Do Something, Today!

There are 140 million orphans in the world separated from the love of their parents and family…

This happened through no fault of their own. It was thrust upon them; sometimes due to a natural disaster, war, disease, malnutrition, poverty, or abandonment. These children are too young to know what to do, and they wake up each morning lonely, without a family, and with no hope for their future.

Most of us feel that the problem is so big that we can’t do anything about it.

But one statistic matters more than any other…

It takes just one caring person to change EVERYTHING

No child should have to go through life alone without a family or without hope.

At Project Hope Worldwide, we show you how to be a part of rebuilding family life for these children and restoring their hope.

You can join us in providing food, security, medical care, education, and spiritual/character mentoring that can help the most vulnerable children be fully prepared for a life with purpose and meaning.


Step 1

Become their family

We become their family by committing our lives and love to these children just like we do for our own. We envision a special future for each of them.

Step 2

Meet their basic needs

We ensure that every child we serve has their basic needs met for food, clothing, a safe environment, and healthcare.

Step 3

Prepare them well

We fully prepare every child for a successful transition into their world by providing them with an education, life skills, and spiritual/character mentoring.

Step 4

Restore their hope

Our goal is to restore their hope and that of future generations.