We recently returned from a short trip in Juárez, and it was highly productive and encouraging!

The trip consisted of visiting each of our orphans and their families and checking in on their care, along with ensuring they received proper medical and dental treatment from another visiting mission team.

A few dentists, nurses and other visitors came down with Discovery Bible Fellowship to provide teeth cleanings, dental care and medical checkups for the surrounding community; and they also provided some construction work/repairs on the orphans’ homes.

Two families now have new indoor bathrooms (one of which received an entire new home as well beforehand).

Every child in our sponsorship program received a dental checkup, cleaning and immediate care, if necessary.

All children and widows in the sponsorship program who had any physical ailments got a checkup, treatment and medicine.

We were able to visit and meet with the widows and their children who are on the waiting list for sponsorship and hear their stories firsthand.

The kids are beginning to learn basic English, discipleship classes are going well and counseling sessions are making great progress.

We were able to hear testimonies from the widows who had been with us since the beginning rejoicing over the new hope they had in life.

Your sponsorships are making a real and lasting difference in these orphans’ and widows’ lives!