This little Nicaraguan girl is 12 years old, and her family is so poor that she was taken out of school to dig through a dump in Léon to find items of any value for their family to use or sell.

Her fate seems hopeless at this sight. But one thing we have learned through our past work in Uganda is that it only takes a small act to create the biggest change…a ripple effect.

Our goal here at Project Hope Worldwide is obviously to prevent such experiences from happening. We want to keep children in school and we want families to be able to afford it. But our work does not end with a short solution to stop a tough situation.

Our bigger goal is to give children an opportunity to change their future and the future of their families/communities as they grow up. Relief work is important to our project. But we believe it takes relationship, investment and empowerment to make a real and lasting impact in the world today.

This is why we provide more than the basic needs. We provide a quality education, spiritual guidance and mentorship, leadership training, medical care and hope for a brighter future!