Do you remember Nancy, or more endearingly referred to as ”
Beautiful Soul, Nancy,” from a few of our past blogs?

She has been one of the widows we’ve taken care of
since the beginning of our work in Juárez.

Her story is one of heartbreak turned into redemption…

A mother of five who, widowed after her husband’s suicide, left her in a state of helplessness and depression. Her oldest
daughter, Sonia, not even of high school age yet, found her father lying dead in a field, gun in hand. He had given up
on this life. He was the provider, he was their father, and now Nancy and her children were left to survive alone

As if being orphaned wasn’t enough, her children were forced to fend for themselves without their father, their protector,
in the rough streets of what was one of the most violent cities in the world at the time. Nancy was in a state of utter helplessness.
She had no job. She had no husband. She was alone and unable to do anything to help the children she loved. She soon began
to believe the lie that giving up on life, just as her husband had done, might be easier than living this nightmare that
had all too much become her reality.

Nancy was ready to kill her five children, then herself, just to escape this hell they were living in.

But God heard Nancy’s cries, and in His mercy intervened just in time. Nancy and her children became one of our very first
families supported.

Nancy was immediately provided assistance with groceries every couple weeks and her four children’s school fees and uniform
expenses were taken care of, which began to give hope. The entire family received counseling to help navigate the horrifying
loss of a father and the depression that especially Nancy and Sonia were experiencing. Soon, Nancy’s heart began to soften,
God began to reveal unique love and redemption and compassion He had for her and her children. This past trip, she stood up
in front of dozens of people and spoke to us about God’s faithfulness and the strength He provided in her life, and gave
witness to his power even in the darkest of times.

She thanked the Lord and Project Hope and her family’s sponsors for their constant support and prayers.

Nancy no longer fears the future. She has HOPE for her and her children!

THIS is Nancy’s story.

THIS is what your sponsorships mean to real families in need in our world. Thank you for what you do to change lives!