One of Project Hope Worldwide’s most defining characteristics is that we do more than the minimum. We provide holistic care: food, water, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, and spiritual and character discipleship. We want to provide the best for our own children. Therefore, our heart’s desire is to give the very best to those in our care around the world as well!

Thanks to your generosity we recently partnered with Field of Hope to build a drip garden irrigation system at the “Calo Me Lare” Village of Redemption in Lira, Uganda. This drip garden is going to be a prime example of that holistic care we talk about so often:

  • Food: It will provide a primary source of nutrition for those living in our orphanage.
  • Training: It will give a jumpstart to our vocational training curriculum for our students who are beginning secondary school. When our kids age out of our program, they will be equipped with the necessary training to work and provide for themselves.
  • Sustainability: By growing nutritious fruits and vegetables on our property, it will also reduce the cost of food at the project long into the future.

We are so excited to see how this drip garden will impact our project.

We also want to say a special thank you to Field of Hope for their help in making this a reality. They are a special organization with an incredible heart and mission:

“Through training and demonstration we develop agricultural knowledge among youth and smallholder farmers in a way that generates excitement for modern agriculture and empowers people to impact their futures and communities.”

This is just one more of many stories of how your generous hearts are impacting lives for eternity!

*Photo by Autumn Lancaster