Why ReVision?

Because in the U.S. alone, over 25 million children are fatherless, and we aim to fill a part of that void. This epidemic not only leaves many without a father figure in their life. It creates serious consequences for these children:

85% of youth in prison – come from fatherless homes

ReVision was developed to show these children there is still someone who cares enough to guide them and keep them out.

90% of homeless children – come from fatherless homes

We want to end such a terrible statistic through mentorship and father figures who are truly invested in these children’s lives.

75% of youth in drug rehab centers – come from fatherless homes

ReVision aims to give local youth guidance to avoid such situations and find other outlets.

71% of pregnant teens and of high school dropouts – come from fatherless homes

Through ReVision’s mentors, the aim is to lower that statistic and help at risk youth live a wise and happy life!
The countless statistics resulting from this epidemic speak to the silent cry of over 25 million children needing love, acceptance, identity and vision.


Our desire for ‘ReVision’ is to recast vision into the lives of the fatherless in our communities, by partnering each child with an effectively equipped mentor. We believe that, through these relationships, fatherless children will realize there is hope and opportunity for their future.
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