“You are loved!”

These words express the deepest longing in the heart of every person…our need to be loved, accepted, for belonging, to know that someone truly cares for me.

One of the great benefits of my role at Project Hope Worldwide is getting to go to the projects.

But every time I go to those projects, I can’t help but wonder, “Why I was born into so much privilege? Why was I born in the United States of America rather than somewhere else?”

There, at each project, are young children who have lost their source of love, provision, protection, their sense of belonging; their teachers, guardians and guides in life. And none of this by their own choice. It was thrust upon them by years of war, AIDS, pain, being born into extreme poverty and hardship.

Since the founding of Project Hope Worldwide, one of our constant reminders has been this:

We are blessed to be a blessing.”

It comes from the Lord’s promise to Abraham in Genesis.

“And I will bless you…

And so, you shall be a blessing.”

“And so,”…. Therefore….in the same manner or way….” you shall BE a blessing.”

If you have ever traveled foreign countries, you would never deny that we are blessed. But with that blessing comes responsibility…to BE a blessing.

There is no denying that it is a blessing to have food, clothing, safety, health, and education. And it is a huge part of our holistic care of these children. But it’s not the most important part.

When we speak of “being a blessing” it is based on Five Principles:

  1. MEANINGFUL TOUCH – When we drive up to one of our projects, you are overwhelmed with orphaned children who have deep needs to be loved and hugged. When we hug these children it communicates love, warmth, personal acceptance, affirmation, security, and belonging.

  2. A SPOKEN MESSAGE – We all know the value of one word of encouragement at just the right time, at a time when we needed it most. It has the potential to change a person’s perspective on life. That’s why we write to them and they write to us. We speak life to these kids through the power of the Gospel throughout their education, their training, their spiritual and character mentoring.

  3. ATTACHING HIGH VALUE – Words of blessing carry with them the recognition that every person has value. We teach them self-acceptance and personal worth. C.S. Lewis said it this way. “I have never met a mere mortal. Every person you will ever come in contact with is ‘an everlasting splendor.’”

  4. PICTURING A SPECIAL FUTURE – We have probably all had someone in our past picture a special future for us that helped direct us into our life’s purpose. We convey to each child that the gifts and personality traits they have right now are all part of the Lord’s unique design for them and that He will use in their future. That they were created with and for a special purpose.

  5. AN ACTIVE COMMITMENT – The last element of the blessing pictures the responsibility that goes with giving the blessing. Words alone cannot communicate the blessing; they need to be backed with a commitment…a commitment to never give up, to never quit, to never abandon…a commitment to do everything possible to help the one being blessed to be successful.

And we do all of this “in the name of Jesus.”


Because that’s what Christ did for us. He blessed us!

  • He touched us
  • He gave us a spoken message of hope that can be trusted
  • He attaches high value to each of us
  • He pictures a special future for each one of us
  • And all of this is backed by His active commitment to us

May you and I never forget:

”We are blessed…

And so, we are to BE a blessing!”